Why Not Offer Flynn Immunity For Testimony?

Michael Flynn whom once looked as if he would be the next NSA chief in the Trump Whitehouse has offered a bit of negotiating particulars to governmental investigating bodies probing the circumstances and particulars relating to Russian influences on slanting a win for Trump over Hillary Clinton.    He has so far offered to give his willing testimony before future investigating bodies or committees are convened provided he is given immunity from prosecution.   Now given the perversion and lawless attack upon the basic foundations of American Democracy by what can only be interpreted as an attack from a foreign power.   This must not and can not be allowed to stand without employing severe consequences to whomever and whom all participated in it.   I am not against Flynn being offered immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony for it will shed light upon and bring correction to a travesty of what the word vote means.   Particularly when a foreign power perverts the soul of our foundations.   Anyone that has shared in or contributed to this travesty must be made to pay the consequences.   If it shows that a President has ben involved in it, then he must step down immediately.   It may very well be that the Republican Party is aware of how detrimental it is to their entire future if collusion is alleged and then proven between the Trump organization and Putin’s Russia.    Therefore they will pursuit any and all avenues other than a full investigation.   I call it just like it is!

Sincerely : Marcus T. Tolbert

Donald Trump’s Murder Of The World

Donald Trump must really be made to understand that making a dollar does not take  precedent over everything.   For instance it is not more important than if our children and grandchildren will be able to have a climate that is habitable and an environment that is conducive to crops and recyclable energy.     Tesla knew eighty-five years ago how to generate massive amounts of energy for virtually free utilizing the principles of zero point energy.    The utility companies along with all General Electric Monopolies have been sucking the blood out of the world for over 100 years mercilessly.    This is not to mention the pig of all pigs, Standard, Chevron, Exxon Oil and their history of oil market monopoly.    Trump during the last two years has quadrupled his portfolio with energy stock options.    He and his appointed Secretary of State have been involved with vast deals that border on if not directly violate insider trading ethics  with Putin of Russia and Rex  Tillerson  of  Exxon.
This begs to spur a more rigorous scrutiny of alliances between Trump’s Campaign officials and Russian Money-men and Government Officials with regards to collusion between them to influence the American election.    Though Paul Manfort is an arguably  critical factor in the reason why Trump is  currently the President of these United States  they have made a concentated effort to be dismissive of him and the factor he played in Trump’s success.

Trump put into motion plans to roll back controls or vangaurds on climate change and global warning that were previously put into effect by President Obama who had decency and  concern for mankind.    Now my question to Donald Trump and those dominated by this “my pocket is the only thing that matters”, line of thought is?   When no money will afford you a drink of water or dry land or something to eat, what good will your money be then?   I know you think your money will make it easier for you because you can buy what and who you need.     What happens when refuge no longer exist for anyone.   May this be your fate and all those whom think humanity is not as important as material wealth.   What is most offensive is that alternative enery sources already exist but greed keeps them hidden.    This is why Tillerson and Trump are colluding through market manipulation and insider information to make massive profits this year.   Trump’s roll back on global warming protocol and restraints to maximize energy company profits regardless of the risk to mankind and to mother earth are first and most important in the mind  of       Trump.   I call it just like it is !

Sincerely: Marcus T. Tolbert

The Shameful Acts of Indecency And Immorality Amongst and Upon Themselves

I am offensively upset and insulted by the actions of a malignant growth within the United States of America Armed Service Forces. This is a tumor that must be excised immediately before it is allowed to metastacize causing death to the patient the United States of America. It is inconceivable for one whom holds things such as principles, duty, honor and discipline to be stained with such indecency and reprehensible behavior as that exhibited with in the Marine Corps a Dept. of the Navy. Not only that but the Army and Air Force  are beginning inquiry and investigations to what has been occurring in their ranks as well. The idea that young women whom strove to show honor, discipline and pride to be one of The few, The chosen, The Proud, The Marines, be so humiliated by men they will die for, for God, Country and each other is so appalling. This means our sense of values have been so minimalized and warped that degrading a person holds little barrier in a need that may be of benefit to someone personally. I shudder to think of the mental anguish and humiliation these young women must feel. What is more disturbing than this though is the thought of having to explain to a young man or woman in this country or any other country is that a woman doesn’t mean you are entitled to really any respect. Now this doesn’t have to necessarily be drummed into a young woman’s mind for she see’s it everyday in her own life. The fact that women executives make 70% of what men make in the same positions. How about a father that must explain the merit of human life in furthering his son’s understanding of the importance of respecting women for their own intrinsic value as well. Or how is it that America “land of the free and the home of the brave” holds true for only white men. This whole idea of American Military making the world a safe place is an insult, to anyone that could have witnessed the recalling of these events. It is incumbent that all Military Authority cast as severe a prosecution upon these actions as possible with also severe financial consequences upon the Military Branches of Services and compensation for the victims. The people of the world are looking at this as well and without significant consequences these individuals will say, “Americas military is full of awful soldiers that are as demented as those that govern them!” This must be halted with severe prosecution and restitution and soon.
I call it; just like it is!
Marcus T. Tolbert Protected by copyright

Trump Operates From A 12 Year Old’s Perspective

How is it that Americans will allow an idiot to represent ourselves and our country?
Trump’s latest childish display and outburst occurred once again on Saturday March 4, 2017, as he via twitter, expressed concern with conviction that Former U.S. President Obama bugged or rather tapped his personal phone lines and perhaps correspondences on all levels. This is alleged to be precipitation from what could possibly be looked upon as betrayal by his personal selection for Attorney General. Jeff Sessions recused himself from participating in investigations of interactions between Trump and Russian officials during the presidential race campaigns. This hurt Trump from several aspects in that it gave support to accusatorial finger pointing and it looked as if this perhaps weakened support for ongoing appointments and nominations he has yet to make. It rather tarnishes his whole image perception he is intent on portraying. However his actions and his own words portray him as being a cry baby whom only complains about how unfairly he is treated by every one else including now ex-president Obama. How damn hypocritical can one stoop to after utilizing every low-lived and crippling technique known to further their own ambitions.
What makes this all more concerning is this very serious accusation without offering any support for such a statement. It shows that he will utilize any smear or hurtful aspect to hurt others in trying to distract attention from his issues and put focus on others. This is a skunk that can not be trusted.
After listening to the speech he gave on February 28, 2017, the thought came to reference that perhaps all of the misgivings I have presented about Trump are those that can leave room to be discounted. Then the spoiled twelve year old kid that is a nuisance appears again. America our whole nation and way of life is under attack from an individual that simply has no idea about the humility or compassion that makes character, because sacrifice is a great part of what makes character exceptional. This is again a concept that has presented itself very little of Trump’s existence. When compassion and consideration of and for others is devalued to the point of being meaningless, it leaves considerably less room for character development on higher, benevolent acts. America this is just the beginning of the worst that is yet to come. I call it just like it is.
Marcus T. Tolbert

Donald Trump and Military Funding

Trump in his speech tonight was applauded loudly when he spoke on providing the military with the financing and tools that are required in war and to win that war. However this falls from the mouth of an individual that in the last thirteen years not spent one damn penny of his own money for taxes. Like so much of his commentary tonight, it has little to do with the facts. Much like his statement that since election night of November 8, 2016, the stock market has increased in value by around 3 trillion dollars. Perhaps here again he forgot that he was not in office until January 20, 2017. The thoughts that I found to be alarming were indeed numerous, but I will recite just one more. That was his slander of illegal immigrants to be the root of gun violence in the United States. This was as misguided as suggesting that America because the majority of the populace is white, is a country of extreme prejudice and evil, even though Trump’s appeal and campaign was certainly slanted to this perspective. Lastly on his repeal of the Affordable Care Act he added a provision that called for the ability of the replacement program of insurance be able to be purchased in any state from anywhere, which would be critical in keeping the prices competitive and affordable. This was a part that the Republican Party refused to entertain as a part of the Affordable Care Act because their bosses over the Insurance companies would not allow it. I call it; just like it is!
Marcus T. Tolbert

Where Does Donald J. Trump Get His Info From?

One thing that readily presents itself almost every time without fail is Donald J. Trump’s willingness to out and out lie or to embellish the truth with exaggeration. The questions that must and will be asked by anyone and all at this point are several. The first of those being have you no concept of the shame and disrespect you put upon yourself, the office, the country and American people when such disdain is shown for the principles of honesty and integrity? Now Trump is always spouting off about how great the people are that are his team and that he surrounds himself with, but he needs to get in touch with reality. He needs to come to grips with the enormity of the position he now occupies and the hopes, dreams and ambitions he must inspire and aid of the people he now leads.
Trump during yesterday’s hastily called press conference once again highlighted the results of the Electoral College returns which he stated as being 306 but was in fact 304 as being the greatest Republican Party dominance of the electoral college since the Reagan era. The facts of the matter is Obama’s EC numbers were 332 in 2012 and 365 in 2008. Clinton’s numbers were 379 in 1996 and 370 in 1992. George H.W. Bush had 426 in 1988.
There were quite a few statistics that he put forth numbers on, but few if any stood up to the test of truth. Another statement he put forth in the press conference was that “He has accomplished more at this early stage in his presidency than any other administration at this same stage.”
He also spoke of increased spending for the military to bring it into the future in terms of weaponry, technology and tactics. Now in an blog entry I wrote Jan. 29, 2017 I probed the if this is indeed a necessity? The information that I gathered and also provided to other readers that may truly want truth, is that America is truly far advanced. Look up craft such as the TAW-50 or TR-3 and TR-3B these craft have mind-blowing ability. The U.S. Government actually has craft that are capable of teleportation such as the Orange Pumpkin and Orange Pumpkinseed. Listen to this and hear it well the might of America is vastly superior to anything of this world. This at present is extremely unnecessary.
Lastly Donald J. Trump needs to quit crying like a pussy talking about how unfairly the media is treating him and what big liars they are. Now Trump may understand quite a bit about deception in the media or why else would any one waste their time with a bullshit show like “The Apprentice”? I just call it; like it is!
Marcus T. Tolbert

Trump’s Slander of Iran

Trump keeps the slander of deal with Iran in which America releases 1.5 billion U.S. dollars to Iran for an exchange of an Iranian cease in the pursuit of nuclear weapons and it is blatantly false. The complete and utter destruction of truth lies in the fact that this was done by six other major powers that signed the agreement which included France, Germany, Russia, Britain, China, and the U.S.A. 1.5 billion dollars that America seized from Iran and tens of more billions after the Shah of Iran, this is indeed a small price to pay versa a nuclear bomb being exploded in America’s Homeland by hostile forces. The truth of the matter is that these were Iranian assets held by American banks and government of the United States. It is nothing illegal or disdainful for any institution, entity or government agency to pursuit losses at the hands or caused by another. Therefore this blatant disregard of and contempt for the truth should be blatantly judged as idiotic at best and criminal at it’s worse for the victims whom are to fall prey to this uncivil banter. I call it; just like it is!
Marcus T. Tolbert