When It Begins To Appear Trump May Have Some Moral Conscious He Kicks The Hell Out Of Those Expecting Such

I ventured to imply in yesterdays article that Trump had found his guts and willing to place condemnation where it dutifully belongs with the KKK, Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist and other white nationalist hate groups.  However his press conference today made it abundantly clear that America has but one choice before it and that is the immediate removal of Donald J. Trump from the office of President of the United States.  The idea of people using violence to attack others and those others using violence to defend themselves are in no way the same.  I will keep these remarks brief but I must comment on this fraudulent portrayal that his interest and concern is to bring manufacturing and production jobs to the U. S..  The question that he is not often or rarely asked of Trump is how many of his and his family’s products are made outside  of the United States?  Trumps has proven himself to be an immense and incessant liar and he keeps perpetrating this one and that is that he is responsible for creating 1 million jobs since being in office.  What he fails to state is the vast majority of these jobs have had nothing to do with him but are most attributable to the actions and policies of President Barack Obama.  This idiotic statement of  “Let’s make America great again” one must have the belief that America is not great, which is on the order of blasphemy.  America and Americans we must do what is best for ourselves, our country and the world and remove Trump from office using any or all legal means appropriate.  Lastly it would be very interesting to know  the unseen threats and innuendo that the racist, white nationalist, hate groups made towards one of their own named Donald J. Trump causing him to reverse his comments from his press conference yesterday.  I call it; just like it is!


Marcus T. Tolbert


Trump Finds Guts and Condemns Neo-Nazis, White Supremecist, and the KKK

Well Donald Trump finally found the guts to stand up and condemn by name the groups associated with white nationalism such as the Klu Klux Klan, Neo-Nazi, White Supremecist and bigoted, racist, hate groups.   The overwhelming insight of close political insiders whose advice must be discerened carefully and an article I wrote yesterday I hope made it quite clear.   Without the outright condemnation of and the separation of himself from these groups involved with the terroristic actions and mentality displayed in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday, his tenure in office could very well be short-lived.  Clearly Trump was forced to choose between the lesser of two evils separating himself from a group that helped him win the Presidency or infuriate so many he would quite possibly be asked to leave office.  I call it; Just like it is!  Generally I find little to complement Trump on, but his strong statements today condemning hate groups involved with White-Nationalism are worthy of encouragement.


Marcus T. Tolbert

Donald Trump Shows His Alliance With Bigotry And Racism

Donald Trump showed his alliance with and recognition of a main ingredient of his victory in the 2016 U. S. Presidential Election.  David Duke himself called the President out personally stating Donald Trump’s rhetoric during his campaign showed a shared interest between him and the hate groups of white-supremacy.  Duke went on to say these groups heard, believed and voted for Donald Trump and they are essentially the reason he is President today and to not forget it.  Yesterday rather than condemn these groups of bigotry and hatred entrenched in the ideas of white supremacy, Trump chose to shelter them and point fingers in other directions.  This is because Trump realizes the intent and conviction these people and groups act on and he is a coward and afraid of them or one of them..  In Charlottesville Virginia the actions taken by a 20 year old Ohio native named James Alex Fields Jr. whom maliciously mowed down  groups of people while driving a Dodge Challenger are enough to bring anyone to concern and fear.  This is the type of murderous intent and inhumanity that has always been associated with the terroristic domestic hate groups of white nationalist.  Next it is time to get real and honest by recognizing how unfit Donald Trump is to be President of this great country.  He should be removed from Office immediately.  I call it, just like it is!


Marcus T. Tolbert

Well Once Again Trump Shows What A Lying Ass-Hole He Is

The latest proof which has been discussed and covered quite well by News Media Outlets and all of the late evening comics involves this.  First off is what he has shown to be nothing but hypocricy concerning the critcisms he directed at former President Obama and golf.   Which during his campaign Trump stated he would never leave the White House to play golf.  There again he shows what an incessant liar he is without any sense of remorse or shame, as he takes 17 vacation days at where else,  but one of Trump’s Golf Clubs that happens  to be located in New Jersey.   Secondly are the threats and apparent contempt Donald Trump puts before the nation of North Korea and the world.   Along with this is Trump’s statement that America’s response to any further aggressive acts that can be perceived as hostile from North Korea will be met with a response like that which the world has never seen before.   Now that covers a lot of turf and when it comes to war, most of it is horrific.  Perhaps Pearl Harbor, Nagasaki, Hiroshima,  the reduced plutonium shelling of Iraq for 8 years under George W. Bush which should be classed as systematic genocide considering a minimum of 1 million to a maximum of 2 million Iraqis were murdered.  D-Day, Auschwitz, September 11, 2001, Gettysburg, the atrocities committed upon and towards the Native-American peoples and the institution of slavery itself have been registered in the mind of Donald Trump as being insignificant.  If that is the case, then we should all be living in fear and dread, because Donald Trump is the most dangerous force in and to the world.  Let us pray that America will be sheltered from such madness in the future.  I call it, just like it is!


Marcus T. Tolbert

Trump Shows Once Again How Much Of A Liar He Is!

Trump is arguably or rather perhaps inarguably the most dishonest President since Reagan upheld the release of the American Hostages from Iran or George w. Bush’s horrendous acts he committed on September 11, 2001.  The most horrendous and dishonorable events in the history of our country lays at the feet of the Republican Party.   It brings to question how the Republican Party is allowed a platform at all to participate in American politics.  Given the atrocities thus committed by the aforementioned icons of the Republican Party it is quite easy to reason how Donald Trump may see himself as not being that atrocious or too much of a liar.  However Trump’s barring of all transgendered individuals from participation in all military service is a blatant betrayal of a promise he made to the LGBT community or rather population while campaigning to do everything within his power to protect them and their rights.   This is but one more example of betrayal and deception Trump makes to us all over and over again.

Do The Majority of Republicans Have Any Concept of Loyalty To American People?

There are a few facts that if reviewed will be relevant.  First of all it must be understood that the reason for the stand-still in the earning amount of the average working man and woman for over 35 years now was primarily due to stagnation that occurred during the twelve years as President Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush as well as.   If you add the eight years of George W. Bush that is a total of 20 of the preceding 35 years that were dictated by Republican policy.  This was unfortunately the dreaded predicament most of the blue collar labor force found themselves in beginning with the terms of Ronald Reagan.   There are a few circumstances that must be noted and evaluated  before the dots can be connected to these two situations which I will touch upon now.

For 50 years leading into the decade of the 80’s big business had always fought against labor unions and the demands they represented to a company’s bottom  line in terms of set minimums for certain skilled labor positions such as cement finisher, brick layer, painter, drop ceiling installer not to mention plumbing and air conditioning.    In 1985 and 1986 a painter would be paid anywhere from 13 – 17 dollars an hour.  A cement finisher could and would command an hourly rate between 15 – 22 dollars an hour.  This is tough and physically demanding work which requires skill and knowledge of materials and equipment to complete to a quality level standard acceptable to meet most city code specifications.   Sheetrock people were also  paid well.  It soon becomes the standard for those unskilled or non-crafted, to just find out what a position is paying and fake it until they could make it, which was most improbable, because skill levels could be identified readily  or be honest and come in at a lower hourly rate and learn the craft.

On August 5, 1981 Ronald Reagan fired 11,359 Air Traffic Controllers for failing to report back to work through Executive Order.  This single act alone forever changes the labor union movement and brings to a halt all essential labor demands on wage minimums throughout the labor market and greatly reduces the willingness of employers to contemplate paying beyond the absolute least amounts for hourly wage workers.   The events that occurred as a result of Ronald Reagan’s termination of the air traffic controllers were on two levels.   The worker was confronted with the fact that the wages they could quite possibly have anticipated earning were no longer a guarantee.   Employers felt that the muscle of labor unions had been greatly diminished and were not compelled to adhere to nor respect the hourly minimums thus far established.  Workers definitely resisted any attempt from employers to pay them less by refusing to accept a job.  This left a gap in the space between workers needed and available workers.  A solution for the skilled laborers shortage was answered quite easily by simply allowing open borders or to put it mildly a much more relaxed attitude towards scrutiny and regulation at America’s borders towards who was allowed to cross it.   This paid big incentives for the business concerns in the reduction of labor cost, which quite naturally increased profits for American business.   Another factor which becomes crippling to American wages are the appointments Republican Presidents since 1980 have put over The National Labor Relations Board.  Beginning with the appointment of as Chairman, under President Reagan, of The NLRB an enemy of organized labor named Donald Dotson.   Donald Dotson was vehemently opposed to and viewed unionized labor as the biggest factor in the decline of any numbers in American business.    “Reagan gave dedicated union foes direct control over the federal agencies that were designed to further and protect the rights and interests of their workers and unions.  Under Dotson a House Subcommittee found the board abandoned it’s legal obligation to promote collective bargaining, in what amounted to, “a betrayal  of American workers.”‘  The NLRB settled only about half as many illegal cases as had the Democrat Jimmy Carter during the previous administration and those that were settled upheld employers 75% of the time.  It is time  that Americans recognize that the Republican Party and what is in the best interests of the average man and woman in America have nothing in common.  Because the  Republican Party represents the interests of business which often is against what is best for you and me due to yield of profits.  The reduction in the number of middle class over the last 35 years can be placed firmly in the hands of the Republican Party.

quotes should be attributed to Dick Meister

Response To Harvard’s Decision To Rescind Acceptance Of Ten Students Due To Comments They Made While Engaged On Social Media

Let me begin with the statement that I am a fifty-eight year old African-American male that has witnessed and experienced the seemingly inherent racism of American society during the course of my life here since birth.
I follow that with the fact that Harvard is extremely competitive and hard to get acceptance into. First and above all are academic parameters that must be evaluated and assessed. Due to the fact that Harvard is the most prestigious university in a country in which there are so many underscores the criteria that only the best of the best will be given consideration for admittance. Given that these academic parameters are almost never compromised; an acceptance letter of admission is based upon serious review and evaluation of the applicants academic achievements. Of course consideration must be given to social circumstances and participation in and with strata beyond and above self. The several preceding statements were made to point out how truly remarkable and outstanding these ten applicants must have been.
My understanding of the deductions that are to be concluded from the articulations put forth through social media networks  by these applicants are that they are everything from anti-Semitic, misogynistic, pedophillic, and racist.  Now Harvard shows the  rationale and guidelines that allows for the rescinding of admission.                                                                                                            There are two points I would like to make here.   The first is that these ten applicants put in the work and accomplishments to be granted admission to Harvard.   I think perhaps Harvard has  missed a great opportunity in that this great institution did not allow the process of critical sound deductive and inductive reasoning to adjust and correct a flawed thought process.  The second is that even if your personal beliefs may differ from most or all, in America that’s your right to do so and you are not to be penalized for either having them or voicing them.  Freedom of thought and speech are two fundamental principles which has allowed America its greatness.

I call it, just like it is!   Sincerely;  Marcus T. Tolbert